Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Anything you wish for.

This is the earliest 'kid conversation' I can find once we started to write them down and share them with friends, so it seems appropriate to be the first post here. It's from March 2012:

Sat having lunch when Mummy decides to ask the kids a question:

Mum: Okay, Emily, Sam. If you could have anything you wish for in the whole world what would it be?. 

Emily: A light bulb in my head!

Dad: You mean, an idea? You want to have ideas?

Emily: No. I mean actually a light bulb in my head. A proper one that lights up.

Mum: Okay... er... Sammy?

Sammy: Um... er... hmmm....

Dad: There must be something?

Sammy: Well... Um... (looks across table) Oh! Could I have Emily's sandwich?

Emily: Sure, here you go.

Sammy: Yes!! Thank you

Emily: So do I got a light bulb then? Sammy did get his sandwich

Mum & Dad: ........

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