Saturday, 8 February 2014

Chewing Gum

Sammy runs into the room excitedly:

Sammy: Dad, dad. Dad. Um... You know that thing... I mean, what's that thing in your mouth?

Dad: In my mouth? Nothing.

Sammy: No. No.The thing in my mouth. What's it called? The one that blows up. Look watch.

Sammy sticks out his tongue.

Dad: Your tongue?

Sammy: Nooo. You know, it's pink and it goes pop. What's that called?

Dad: In your mouth?

Sammy: Yeah

Dad: In your mouth right now? Ummm. Tonsils?

Sammy: No.

Emily: (big sigh) He's talking about chewing gum dad, everybody knows that

Sammy: Yes! Chewing gum

Dad: But you haven't got any chewing gum in your mouth.

Sammy: Haven't I? What's this then?

Sticks out his tongue again.

Dad: Your tongue.

Sammy: Oh... (pause for thought) Oh! Dad. Imagine my tongue is chewing gum. Watch this...

Sammy slowly sticks out his tongue until it can go no further then shouts.

Sammy: POP! Woah! Did you see that Dad? Did you see the size of that bubble? I love chewing gum Dad. It's great. Do you want a go?

Dad: I... To be honest Sam, I'm not sure what's going on right now

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