Thursday, 6 February 2014

The Game.

Sat with the kids in the front room.

Mum: Okay. What shall we do?

Emily: Play a game, play a game. I've got one I made up. And it's fine mum, it's a game that EVERYONE can play.

Mum: What do we do?

Emily: There's a level for everyone mum, so that everyone can play. So the first is the Girl's Level. In the girls level you have to climb down the stairs - it's a race see? - swim through the water before the SPIN-NING DEAAATH gets you, then jump over the banana skins. Then there's the Boy's Level: so you run through all the people - like this - jump across the pointy things, dodging the grabbers and swing across the water.

Mum: Oooh. Sounds fun. Let's give it a go then.

Emily: No wait, there's a Grandma Level too - anybody can play this game mum. So Grandma's have to have crutches and they cross the road, get through the front door and find the tele controller and sit down. Shall we play it?

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