Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hide and Seek

Sam runs into the room and darts behind the curtain. He wraps it around himself and spins until the curtain twists tightly around him and rises, revealing his body from the waist down. He freezes. Dad looks up from his book.

Dad: You alright pal?

Sam: (Whispers) Yep.

A few seconds pass, then Archie appears, he toddles up to the other curtain, mumbling 'Shhhhh' to himself over and over. He clambers behind the curtain and freezes.

Dad: You hiding Archie?

Archie: Shhhhhhhh.

A minute passes. Sam is still frozen and clearly visible (from the waist down), Archie has fallen onto his bum. Dad looks up from his book again.

Dad: So what are you both doing exactly?

Sam: (still whispering) Hiding!

Archie: Shhhhhhh. Hiding.

Dad: Ah! Hide and Seek.

Sam and Archie: Shhhhhhh.

A few more minutes pass. Mum wanders through the room with the washing. Slightly confused, Dad looks up from his book again.

Dad: Where's Emily?

Sam: She's hiding too.

Dad: What?

Sam: Shhhhh. She's hiding upstairs!

Dad: How can she find you if she's hiding too!


Sam: No, no, no. We're hiding from Mummy!

Dad: Ah!

Still more minutes pass. Mum wanders back through the room, this time with an empty washing basket. She glances curiously at Sam's exposed legs before disappearing on another errand.

Dad: Sammy, does Mum know she's playing hide and seek with you?

Sam: No.

Dad: But... How's she supposed to find you if she doesn't know to look?

Sam: Exactly! I'm so gonna win Hide and Seek!

Archie: Hide and Seek? Yay! Archie playing too! MUM, MUM, HIDE AND SEEK IN THE CURTAINS!

Sam: Archie! Archie! Shhhhhhhh.


Archie clambers back out, his arms raised in triumph. Sam's shoulders sag, as victory disappears.

Sam: Aw, man.