Friday, 7 March 2014

The Spies

Was really excited to have a whole day with Emily and Sam the other week. Being the big Lego geeks we are (have been forced to become by me), we decided to go and see The Lego Movie. I sent them upstairs to get dressed...

Emily: What do we wear to a Lego movie Dad?

Me: Whatever you want to.

Emily: (thinks) Ah! Got it! I know we...

Me: You can't wear Lego, Milly.

Emily: Awwww... Come on Sam.

15 minutes pass, with much rustling and bustling from upstairs. Finally the pair come back down:

Agent Le and Agent Go

Me: (grinning) And who are you two?

Sam: Spies!

Emily: Secret Agents!

Me: More like the Thompson Twins.

Emily: No! I'm Agent Le and Sammy's Agent Go

Me: That's brilliant! You look ace.

Emily: See. It's Le-Go. Do you get it? I'm Agent Le and he's Agent Go. LE-GO

Me: I get it, Emily, you don't need to explain

Emily: Sammy, needed me to.

Me: I suppose he did.

Sam: Actually, I think I'm going to be Agent X

Emily: No, Sam. That doesn't work. There isn't any LE-X, you're Agent Go. Lego. Get it?

Sam: Yeah. No. Agent X sounds better.

Emily: (sighs) We spoke about this... Agent Le - Go. LEGO. Agent X doesn't work

Sam: Nor does Agent Go. What does Le-go even mean, silly. I'm gonna be Agent X

Emily: But Sam... Dad!

Me: I'll leave you to it

Emily: (sighs again). Alright, listen. you know Lego?

Sam: Yeah.

Emily: Right, so Agent Le and Agent Go...

At which point, I left Emily to her explanation, and went to make a cuppa.