Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Banana Foot

From October 2013:

Sat at breakfast, when Archie suddenly attempts to hold his first conversation - it seems to be something that has been bugging him for some time:

Archie, impossibly raising his leg over his head, points with concern to his foot.

Archie: Uh oh! My foot is a banana.
Mum: Good words Archie! Do you want a banana?
Archie: No! NO! My foot IS a banana.
Mum: Oh... What shall we do about it?
Archie: Eat an apple.
Mum: Eat an apple.
Archie: (excited) Apple?! Yes. Eat an apple. Yes please.

Archie's eyes slowly return to his foot.

Archie: Ba-na-na foot. Uh oh! Banana foot!

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