Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Sammy enters the room.

Sam: (big sigh) Oh man, don't get me started on snakes....
Mum: What snakes?
Sam: The ones that bite me all the time in the jungle world. Oh man - they just don't stop in the jungle world (sighs)
Mum: Jungle world?
Sam: Yeah. The second world I'm in.
Mum: And this is the first one?
Sam: Nooooooo! (rolls eyes). The Batcave is the first world, talk about bats, this is the other world.
Mum: Other world. Real World.
Sam: And then there's the time I was that alien, do you remember mum?
Mum: Erm no...
Sam: Yeah, they just wanted me to turn bad remember? All bad, they just kept saying it and I was saying no, no, no. Boy, THAT was a looong day. Jeez. Anyway. I'm hungry. Watch out for those snakes. (Starts to sing his theme tune) *tra la trilly trilly tra la trilly*

Sam exits the room. Mum stares at the empty space.

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