Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Read This One.

Home, entertaining the poorly 2 year old:

Archie: Story Daddy, Story!

Dad: Okay, what shall we read?

Archie: This one. Read this one.

Dad: That's an instruction manual. Why don't we read this instead?

Archie: (collapses in a fit of despair) Noooooooo! Read this one. This one. THIS ONE.

Dad: Okay okay. Listen, it's boring - Chapter 1. Installation. Chapter 1.1 Wiring the speakers....

Archie: (settles down with a smile and attentively listens) Ahhhhhh

Dad: Really?  Really?... (sigh) Okay. Okay... ...take wire A - fig. 1 - and insert into corresponding - red and grey - ports...

Archie finds his happy place.

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