Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Trip.

Sunday afternoon. Emily comes bundling into the front room, out of breath, carrying three full rucksacks closely followed by a smiley Sam carrying another three bags.

Emily: (out of breath) Phew! What a nightmare. I'm not doing that again.

Dad: What's going on? Why all the bags?

Emily: Oh! I'm taking Sam on a trip to Bethlehem but it's further than we thought and the donkey just ran away, so we're having to carry everything.

Dad: Oh no.

Emily: It's okay. I've got a driving license for coaches and we're hiring one here for the trip back.

Dad: Here? So this is Bethlehem?

Emily: Yeah, but our hotel is double-booked so we don't know where we're going to stay. It's a disaster. Literally a disaster.

Dad: Let me guess, Sammy is called Jesus?

Sam: Jesus! No! I'm a karate student.

Emily: There is a chap called Jesus though who said we can share his stable

Dad: That's nice.

Emily: Yeah, but we had to say no. We're off to the cinema to watch Frozen. Come Sam, we're gonna be late. Bye Dad.

Sam: Bye!

Dad: ...bye...

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